Introdução Terroir

The Douro Valley region owns a set of terroirs like no other region in the World. The richness and morphology of its schist soil, as well as the microclimate that it is so unique in this region, allows the production of wines full of complex flavours and aromas.

The richness of this region is mainly because of the natural protection created by the Marão mountains, which serves as a counter-fort against the atlantic humid climate that exists in the other side of the mountains and comes from the Portuguese Atlantic Coast. Therefore this natural barrier allows the arising of the Mediterranean climate, in which during the Summer the temperatures are always above 35ºC / 95ºF and in the Winter bellow 0ºC / 32ºF. This contrast is without any doubts what it makes the Douro grapes being magical ingredients for the production of worldly renowned wines. 

Quinta Vila Rachel is located in the Tua River Valley, which is an affluent of the Douro River, in the heart of the Douro Region. The altitude of the vineyards changes a lot because of the mountainous morphology of the land, which is disposed in slopes alongside the rivers and built with terraces made by the Douro people along the past centuries. It´s without any doubt a great masterpiece made by Men directly in Nature. 

Although the Vineyards are a predominant culture in our Estates, they are surrounded by extensive organic Olive Groves. Besides them we can find Cypresses, Orange trees, Apple trees, Walnut trees, Pine trees, Arbutus trees and many others.

Our agriculture philosophy is directed to organic farming and we are keen to assert the great respect we have for the soils we grow and for Nature in all its holistic forms. For now we have Organic certification for our Olive Groves but we are heading now to certify the Wine Production as well. We are completely against the use of products like herbicides, which poison the soils and the crops and as a result, also the health of the consumers.


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