Where the Wine meets the Art

Quinta Vila Rachel is a family owned estate localized in the Douro Valley Region in Portugal. It was founded by the famous Portuguese Sculptor José Joaquim Teixeira Lopes, by his wife Rachel Pereira de Meireles ( from which the name of the Estate come from ) and their siblings António Teixeira Lopes e José Teixeira Lopes, also a famous Sculptor and Architect respectively.

fotopeq1It was founded around 1880 in the area of Ribatua ( São Mamede de Ribatua) in a magnificent place over Tua Valley, very close to the north margin of Douro River. Ribatua is also placed in the heart of the Douro Wine Region, more precisely in Cima-Corgo, which is a region with superior quality for the production of Port Wine and Table wines. Because of the privileged location of the Estate, since its foundation, Quinta Vila Rachel has been producing grapes for Port and Table Wines.

The main house was projected by the son of the Founder, José Teixeira Lopes. Its a very fine house with a large warehouse next to it where is placed the Winery.

The concept of Art is something that always followed the founders of Quinta Vila Rachel. António Teixeira Lopes, alongside is own Professor Soares dos Reis, was considered one of the best Portuguese Sculptures of all time, having also received the most important international prize of art of that time, the Grand prix of the Paris Salon ( 1900 ). This way, the interiors of the House are full with works of art created by the two founding sculptors, serving as a perfect artistic chronology of their work along the decades.

Nowadays Quinta Vila Rachel is managed by the descendants in direct line of the founders, being in the 6th family generation.   


The story behind our Logotype

The origin of the brand of our Estate and its ancient history

The current logo of Quinta Vila Rachel came from the rehabilitation of the original logo from a board with more than 100 years old that always existed in the main house. This font is based on the handwriting of that time called "Spencerian" and / or "Copperplate". These type of calligraphy gave rise to famous logos such as the "Coca-Cola" and "Ford" logos, created about the same time as the logo of our brand.




This calligraphy gender was developed to become the official gender written on official business documents because it conveyed a sense of class and credibility when well executed, at a time when the writing machine was still taking its first steps and so rare to find.