The story behind our Logotype

The origin of the brand of our Estate and its ancient history

The current logo of Quinta Vila Rachel came from the rehabilitation of the original logo from a board with more than 100 years old that always existed in the main house. This font is based on the handwriting of that time called "Spencerian" and / or "Copperplate". These type of calligraphy gave rise to famous logos such as the "Coca-Cola" and "Ford" logos, created about the same time as the logo of our brand.




This calligraphy gender was developed to become the official gender written on official business documents because it conveyed a sense of class and credibility when well executed, at a time when the writing machine was still taking its first steps and so rare to find.

The first step was to photograph the board and import the image into Adobe Illustrator software. The board was in a advanced state of disrepair, but even so we tried to be as faithful as possible to the original lines. Here we draw above the board with a vector tool as seen in the images below:








After drawing the general outlines of the logo, we began to fill in the content as shown bellow:




The rehabilitation was complete when we add the word "Quinta" with the Gill Sans font, a word which was not included in the original plate.

Despite the age of this type of image, it was important at the same time to give a current and modern style without damaging the structure and the old personality that characterized the logo. That way we attributed the colour black to enhance this bridge between the ancient and the modern. Also we opted for a clean and minimalist image, to give more emphasis to the round logo structure.

We think the end result was excellent because we believe that a well-executed logo is what sets the tone for any business to be well represented to the consumer.



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