The Vineyards

These are our 5 Vineyards

vooThe Obra Vineyard is our most ancient vineyard and is also the one that surrounds the main House in two fronts. These vines are disposed in a total area of 3 Ha/ 7,4 Acres with an altitude between 380 and 405 meters / 1247 and 1329 feet and their ages are around 50 years. As it was the formerly tradition here in Douro, the plantation of these vines were made without an organization of varieties, being all of them blended in the same field. It is possible to find in these fields dozens of different varieties of which its grapes have extraordinary phenolic concentrations because of its advanced age. The soil of this vineyard is in schist.

vofThe Vineyard of Ferrado is the vineyard with the lowest altitude in our Estates with an area of 1,10Ha / 2,5 Acres with an altitude 275 and 306 meters / 902 and 1004 feet. This vineyard is planted in small terraces alongside the slope in the lowest part of the Tua Valley, 4km away from Douro Valley. The planted varieties are Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz and Sousão.

From all the vineyards of the Estate, this Vineyard is the one that suffers the greatest climate contrast of them all, having very high temperatures in the Summer with sudden drops in the Winter. This place is very different from the rest of our vineyards. You can find some characteristic and peculiar vegetation that you can´t find nowhere else around here. As all the other vineyards this one is facing east, having a great sun exposure all day.


vojNext, above the Vineyard of the River we have the Vineyard of Jugal. This is the largest vineyard area of our Estate with 4 Ha / 10 Acres. This vineyard has an altitude between 324 and 384m / 1063 and 1260 feet and the age of the vines is around 10 years old. The planted varieties are Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz and Tinta Barroca. This is the least homogeneous and more complex vineyard of them all because of the morfology of the slope and also because of the passage of different groundwater channels that focus only on special parts of the ground, resulting in vines with different vigor.The morphology of this estate is mainly constituted by terraces along the slope.

vocThe Vineyard of Cárcoda is constituted by vines planted in a plain territory in an Area of 1 Ha / 2,5 Acres  with an altitude of 450 meters / 1476 feet. Its a vineyard with an average age of 80 years, with some passing the 100 years old, and it is planted in the old fashioned way, with all the varieties blended, white and red grapes inclusively.

Being our oldest vineyard and having been in the possession of our family for more than 200 years we felt a very special connection with this piece of land.



Finally we have the Vineyard of Ladeiras which is the vineyard with the highest altitude in our Estate with an altitude between 493 meters / 1617 feet and 505 m / 1656 feet, with an area of 1 Ha / 2, 5 acres. Its a vineyard that was all replanted in 2015 and it is constituted only by white varieties to take advantage of the high altitude of the vineyard. The varieties are Viosinho, Gouveio and Rabigato.


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